Marma Eyewear Website Design

Marma London
  • Responsive CMS Website Design
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We were pleased to work with Marma Eyewear on their new CMS website after they expressed that the pre-existing site wasn't working for both their sales agents and their customers. We decided that the best solution was to create a new custom made responsive theme that was tailored to meet every demand. Their primary concerns were the sluggish loading time of their product pages as well as their difficulties with managing their content.

Overall, we came up with a solution that was fast loading for their sales agents, easy for their customers to browse, and simple for the in-house marketing team to update. The responsive design means that the new website always looks great no matter what sized device their sales agents are using for presentations. They're now able to add new collections and products and update pages and slideshows. We also gave them the ability to highlight special pages and products on the home page allowing their customers to engage with important content as quickly as possible. Additional features to the new website include news articles and press clippings which are ideal for their marketing team to generate buzz around the brand. A store locator was another key element that we incorporated as it allows customers to find the nearest location to purchase their fashionable glasses. The website continues to grow as we're now in the initial stages of implementing an e-commerce shop, enabling individual customers to buy direct. Be sure to check back in for the September launch!