Lost Motion Assembly Graphic Designers

Who We Are

Your very own little helpers.*
*Pointy little shoes not included

We don't have sales people or production managers. When it comes to telling your story, we think it's important that your voice doesn't get lost in a production line. Our passion for design developed through years of working within the print industry, giving us the experience to maintain your job from start to finish.


A childhood infatuation with both comic books and office supplies sparked off a fascination with print and typography. A long stint working in the print industry revealed that Dre not only pushes to get the very best out of every job, but that he is also determined to try out new methods and approaches that no-one else dare touch.
An internet-age Renaissance man, he is equally at home fussing over some type, experimenting with newfangled CSS techniques or designing billboard sized artwork. When he's not wrangling pixels (or reading about pixel wrangling) he can often be found musing the Freudian implications of action figures from the '80s.



Following her studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Diane hopped across the pond to join a print firm in London, where she grew an appreciation for design and packaging. Her primary role was to create 3D Point of Sales prototypes for such notable clients as Clarins, Coty and YSL.
With a discerning eye (or two) for colour schemes Diane is the resident layout maven. In between comping mood boards she can often be found researching interiors or planning the next snowboarding trip to the mountains. Ultimately the dynamic duo turned their day jobs into a (successful) business which continues to grow one pixel at a time.