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A technically impressive website to showcase an accomplished portfolio.

Having designed and built exhibitions stands for Warner Bros, Mercedes Benz and Microsoft, SPS Event Tech needed a website that reflected their expertise. Seeking a technically impressive setting to showcase their portfolio, they were initially drawn to an custom app-based solution. The first meeting quickly revealed that this would be impractical given the short time frame, and would lead to the problem of having to update content across multiple platforms.

We proposed a website built around the principles of Responsive Web Design. The layout would automatically optimise itself for different devices, providing the best experience for the visitor, regardless of whether they were using a phone, tablet or desktop. Not only would this approach give them a 'near-app experience' it also provided content parity, removing the need to maintain and update content for different devices.

On the slideshow sections we introduced swiping gestures for tablets and phones to give the feel of a native app. We also added a pinch of JQuery and a sprinkling of CSS transitions to add some sophisticated text effects to give the site that extra touch of panache.

Our biggest challenge when designing a website for SPS, an event installation team, was to create a technically impressive setting for them to showcase a portfolio of big name events. To help achieve this feeling, the website utilises some clever CSS animations and jquery for an interesting text effect. Stressing the importance for accessibility on mobile devices and tablets, the website's layout is responsive and changes depending on the user's device.

Why not check out their site and see for yourself.