Detail Logo and Graphic Design for Goldsmiths University Art Festival
Logo and Poster Design for╩Goldsmiths╩Art╩Festival
Logo╩and╩Print╩Design╩for╩Goldsmiths Exhibition

Surge Promotional Materials

Goldsmiths University
  • Visual Identity
  • Print Design
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Because, fine art is more than just a pretty picture.
To help the prestigious Goldsmith's University showcase the MA course in Performance Making, we were appointed to produce a visual identity and promotional materials for the Surge Festival

The challenge lay in producing a dynamic and multifaceted logotype that represented the progressive nature of the course whilst not deviating too far from the identity already in place for the university. Starting with the university's typeface of choice, we developed an angular treatment to capture a sense of movement and transformation. To add a touch of drama we opted for a rich duotone of a custom mixed midnight blue and lustrous gold. Photography by Dafne Louzioti.