Upsy Daisy Bakery: Website Redesign

Upsy Daisy Bakery
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Using technology to translate the warm welcome and home-baked charm that makes this bakery so popular was no small feat.

Sometimes it's nice to have a break from all the luxury fashion labels and high tech event companies and design something more homely. That's why we were excited when our friends at the Upsy Daisy Bakery asked us to to re-align their existing website to make it easier to update and more reflective of their contemporary take on some very British traditions.

Visiting their bakery, it's clear that their warm welcome and home-baked charm is what makes them so popular. Our task then was to translate that atmosphere online and evolve their static site into a more engaging experience. The first step was to move them onto a CMS so that they could update far more frequently. As the bakery keeps them incredibly busy, we made sure that the CMS was as easy to use as possible, and provided them with additional support in the form of screencast videos that guided them through how to use their new site.

Their previous site aimed to capture the subtle British war-time aesthetic of their bakery which we we re-implemented in order to make this theme feel more authentic. The bakery owners now have a website which is not only more functional for their customers, but easier for them to manage on their own.

Check out their website for a glimpse of all the tasty treats they have to offer!