Woodblock Printing Logo Design for Parisian Festival
Logo Design Business Card for Music Event
Logo Design Branding for Parisian Music Event and Blog
Website Design for Parisian Festival Blog

Amabapu Event Identity

  • Logo Design
  • Promotional Materials
  • Stationary Package
  • Brand Guidelines.
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The word Amabapu stems from a South Nigerian word for 'community.'
It's an apt name for a Parisian grassroots organisation set up to promote and support independent musicians. Their goals include staging concerts and festivals for acts that are overlooked by mainstream labels and that can't secure gigs due to prohibitive legislations.

We were approached to produce an identity and website with a folksy, down-to-earth appeal that still maintained a cool urban edge. Above all we aimed for a sense of 'playful rebellion'. We developed a custom typeface from simple woodblock prints. The geometric block based letterforms give the typeface a textile like pattern and reference the notion of disparate elements coming together as a whole.

The upcoming website was built on a Wordpress platform and a custom built template, allowing for simple in-house management and updates. Stay tuned for their launch!