henoida cms multi lingual website design
henoida logo branding and identity illustrations
henoida logo branding and identity business-cards
henoida logo branding and identity design
henoida learning tool android app graphic design
henoida android app graphic design
henoida android app graphic design
henoida android app graphic design

Henoïda: Branding, Website and App Design

  • Website Design
  • E-newsletters
  • Logo and Identity
  • Stationery
  • UX Design and App Graphics
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Know what you don't know.
When Henoïda came to us they were little more than simple wireframes for an Android App geared towards learning and memory. Since we were sought out in the infancy of this project, we started with a blank canvas for creating the identity of the brand along with graphics for the app itself. Following their brief, we developed a logo, website and marketing collateral that conveyed a reliable and confident energy which was also friendly, approachable and fun.

The name Henoïda is derived from the philosophical Greek phrase "I know that I know nothing". Using the ancient Greek scholastics as a reference point, we decided that laurels were a fitting and well recognised motif to represent knowledge and learning. To keep the mood from becoming too stuffy and conservative, we introduced shots of colour and stylised linear illustrations. The colours, which are less traditional, were carried through to the app and function as indicators of the four key sections found within. The app itself was developed in-house by the founders of Henoïda and based on their initial wireframes, we were able to guide them through the UX design phases before implementing the final user interface. Overall, we managed to achieve a look that is distinctive and unlike most of their competitors. The app continues to grow and the beta version is currently available in the Google Apps Store. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter via their website to receive the latest updates on the app.