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Hi Def Boxing Academy Identity

Hi Def Boxing Academy
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The world of boxing is full of clichés
Gloves, punch bags, belts; the usual iconography is all too familiar. High Definition Boxing Academy was established to encourage young people to participate in sports and to promote physical health. Part of their goal is to distance themselves from traditional misconceptions of boxing and to emphasise its benefits as a means of developing discipline and self-confidence. As a small start up, Hi-Def was in need of an identity with a rich and established appearance.

The Chuck logo is awesome. He is the face of High Definition
Alex Walters, Hi-Def

The challenge lay in creating a visual identity that is perceived as both youthful and cool to the kids, while remaining inviting and friendly to their parents. Working closely with Hi-Def we established the core values that the academy identified most strongly with and quickly found that we needed to eschew the usual macho imagery. Focusing instead on the notions of tradition, discipline and performance we set to work. We created 'Chuck', a boxing hare with attitude. Set inside a shield he conjures up notions of heraldry and tradition appropriate for an academy, while his proud upright stance mimics Victorian-era pugilism.