Website Design for TV Presenter
Website Design for Television Presenter
Showreel for Television Presenter

Paul Evers: Website Design

Paul Evers
  • Website Design
  • Motion Graphics
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Paul Evers is definitely not a dull client.
He's the presenter of not one but two shopping channels. Bid TV and Price Drop are owned by Sit-up Shopping, one of the UK's fastest growing TV retailers, and its channels are viewed by more than 750,000 people per day. Keeping that many viewers engaged for hours on end requires tremendous enthusiasm, something that Paul has in spades.

The website looks amazing. Love it!
Paul Evers

To help get his talents noticed, we produced a website and showreel ident for the presenter, compère and comedian extraordinaire. Inspired by his seemingly endless energy and vocal talent we designed a website influenced by Blue Note album covers. For his showreel ident we created a short Saul Bass-style animation to capture his quirky and amiable charm.